Quiz Options for Supporting Academic Integrity and Accommodating Individual Student Needs

Limiting when students can access the quiz

You can control when students have access to the quiz using the “Available from – Until” settings [1]. Students can only access the quiz after the “Available from” time and cannot access the quiz after the “Until” time has passed. In this way you can limit students’ access to a quiz to a certain timeframe.

If you have also set a time limit on the quiz, for example, if you set the time limit to 20 minutes [2], students can only work on the quiz for 20 minutes within the “Available from – Until” timeframe. The “Until” time overrides the time limit, meaning that if a student starts the quiz late with only 10 minutes left until the “Until” time, the quiz will automatically submit when it reaches the “Until” time, not when the student has used 20 minutes.

The quiz should be published so that students can access the quiz when it is time to take the quiz. You do not have to wait to publish the quiz until the quiz time if you have set the “Available from – Until” settings, as students will not be able to access the quiz until the “Available from – Until” timeframe even if the quiz is published.

If you have entered your quiz into a module, make sure the module is also published.

Note on Files: You may decide to upload a file as part of your quiz. For example, you may want to upload detailed question information as a PDF, or may need to upload diagrams to a question. To ensure that students do not get access to quiz materials early, make sure the Files tab in the left sidebar is set to be hidden from students. Instructions on disabling Files can be found on our FAQ page.

Hiding the quiz answers from students

To hide the quiz answers from students, go to the “Details” tab [1] and turn off “Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked In Student Feedback)” [2]. This ensures that students cannot view the quiz questions or answers after the quiz is over.

Accommodating students needing additional time on a quiz or needing to take the quiz at a different time

If a student needs additional time on a quiz, you need to modify settings in two places. “Moderate This Quiz” allows you to give individual students additional time beyond the time limit set for a quiz. However, the “Available from – Until” overrides this setting. Therefore, both settings must be used in tandem to give individual students additional time to complete a quiz.

Information about moderating a quiz can be found on the Canvas page “Once I publish a quiz, how do I use the Moderate Quiz page?”

Information about giving individual students a different “Available from – Until” allocation can be found on the Canvas page “How do I assign an assignment to an individual student?”