Customize Your Notifications

The notification system is designed to help you keep track of the activity in your Canvas sites. Notification settings can be customized by method and by immediacy, so that you might opt to receive an immediate email any time a student contacts you via Canvas, or a daily digest email regarding student assignment submissions to Canvas.


Best Practices

Customize your notification settings

Customizing your notification settings allows you to balance the volume of communication from Canvas with the priority of the notification item.  It is generally recommend to enable immediate notification for student communication through Canvas.  For other items like student submissions, daily updates might suffice. This customization limits the volume of communication from Canvas while still allowing you to receive important communications quickly.

Communicate with students about their settings

Each individual user in Canvas sets his or her own notifications. This means that your students will set their own notification preferences.  If you expect your students to receive certain notifications immediately, like Canvas Announcements, it is helpful to communicate this so that they can adjust their settings accordingly.

For further information, see this guide from Instructure: