Syllabus Search Student Guide

“Syllabus Search” is a Canvas tool that provides instructors the opportunity to share their course syllabi with students in the BC Canvas community.  Syllabi, which are shared by default unless an instructor opts out, become searchable in the “syllabus search” database and allows you to make more informed decisions during the registration and drop/add periods.

Searching for Syllabi

In the global navigation menu, click on the “Syllabus Search” icon.

Authorize the “syllabus search” tool to access your Canvas account.










Use the search bar to enter key terms such as the instructor’s name or course title and then press enter [1].  To filter the search results, click on the “advanced” search icon, and choose the school, course, title, instructor, or term from the drop down menus [2]. Then, click on the course to view its syllabus [3].


Viewing Course Syllabi

If the instructor is using Canvas in their course, the syllabus will display in Canvas (see images 1 and 2 below). However, if the instructor is not using Canvas in their course, the syllabus will open in a new, separate web page (image 3).

Depending on the instructor’s preferences, course syllabi may display differently. In this biology course, for example, the instructor has shared a digital version of their syllabus that students may download.

In this writing course, the instructor has shared a course description, along with a list of assignments, media content, and grading information.

In this calculus course, the instructor is not using Canvas but has made their syllabus accessible via Canvas syllabus search. [Note that the syllabus opens up in a new tab and page.]