Using the Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader, a learning tool from Microsoft, is now available for use in Canvas Pages. Immersive Reader allows users to customize their display, access resources like dictionaries and translations, and listen to text-based content, making it easier to access course content in a preferred medium, maintain focus, and work through unfamiliar material.

To access the tool, select the “Immersive Reader” button in the upper right hand corner of Canvas Pages. 

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That will open a new window where you can have the content read aloud [1], adjust voice settings [2], edit text preferences [3], grammar options [4], and reading preferences [5]. 

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There are a few limitations to the immersive reader tool:

  • Because it is only available in Pages, it cannot be accessed in Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, or the Syllabus.  
  • The Immersive Reader only interacts with text, and cannot play videos within its display.
  • If you are taking a fully online course, the Immersive Reader may not be able to display all elements of the Canvas Page.