Publish Your Canvas Course

Open Your Course

In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course [2].

Publish Your Course

If your course is currently unpublished, the “Unpublished” button in the Course Status will appear red.

To publish a course, click the “Publish” button in Course Status. The “Publish” button will turn green; the “Unpublished” button will turn from red to gray.

In previous semesters, students would not appear in a Canvas course until after it was published. Now, students will be added to your roster in advance but will not be able to access the course until it has been published.

Unpublish Course

If you need to unpublish your course, click the Unpublished button in Course Status. Students who already received course invitations will not be able to access your course.

Once your course contains a graded submission, you can no longer unpublish your course.