Understanding Your Canvas Courses Menu

Here is a list of 10 things you should know about your Canvas Courses menu

  1. Summer 2020 update: The Courses menu and Dashboard sort published courses first, followed by unpublished courses.
  2. Teachers and Students have access to their Canvas courses for as long as they are at BC, unless the instructor blocks access.
  3. Courses not listed on your Courses menu or Dashboard, can be opened from your “All Courses” page. The link to “All Courses” is at the bottom of the Courses menu.
  4. Every Canvas course site is in a term with an end date. A term whose end date is past is at the bottom of the “All Courses” page under the heading “Past Enrollments.”
  5. For students, sites become “Past Enrollments” about 4 weeks after the end of the term; for teachers, about two years after the end of the term.
  6. A site that is a “Past Enrollment” is read-only.
  7. You can customize your Courses menu and Dashboard using the “All Courses” page. Any course with a colored star will be in the Courses menu and Dashboard; a course with a white one won’t.
  8. Clicking the star flips its color. A “Past Enrollment” cannot be added to the Courses menu or Dashboard.
  9. An un-customized Courses menu and Dashboard lists a maximum of 20 courses. Canvas will automatically update the menu and Dashboard to add your most current courses
  10. Canvas will remove from your Courses menu any Past Enrollments.