Teaching Strategies

BC Policies and Procedures

The university-wide academic integrity policies are available through the university catalogue. Each school also outlines its own procedures for addressing cases of academic dishonesty. In addition, some departments take the initiative to outline more specific, departmentally agreed upon terms for academic integrity. Familiarity with school-wide terms and with other guidance students may encounter on campus can be helpful when communicating with students on this subject.

BC’s Academic Officers Council is in the process of reviewing existing policies and procedures with the intention of creating more consistency across the university. That information is forthcoming, and this page will be updated as soon as it is available. In the meantime, existing school-specific procedures can be found below:

These school-level procedures do have mechanisms that account for the instructor’s perspective on the case. Working within these policies and procedures can demystify the process for instructors and students, provide support and accountability for individual instructors, and enable the school to identify possible behavioral patterns.