Modify Your Course Menu

The Navigation bar on the left-hand side of your course pages allows course participants to access different areas of the course site.  Instructors have the capacity to restrict what students can access in course navigation.

TIP: As a general rule, restrict access to features that you will not be using in Canvas to avoid potential student confusion.

Here are some general considerations about what you may wish to hide from student view:

  • Grades:
    You may wish to hide Grades from students.  Removing this item on the course navigation bar, however, will not prevent students from accessing grades in your course, as they can still access grades through the “Assignments” area of Canvas.  We recommend, therefore, that you remove Grades from the left navigation only if you do not plan to use Canvas grading at all in your course.
  • Syllabus:
    The Syllabus feature in Canvas links to a Canvas page that can be used as a Syllabus. It is not a direct link to your PDF/Word syllabus. If you prefer only to upload your syllabus as a traditional PDF/Word file, it can be helpful to remove this link to prevent student confusion.
  • People:
    It can be helpful to keep access to People available as it allows students to communicate and collaborate with one another.

For further information, see these guides from Instructure: