Options To Organize Content

Choosing how you want to organize your Canvas site is an important decision to make when getting started and is closely related to what you have on your homepage (see Setting Up Your Home Page).

Common Ways to Organize Content in Canvas


Assignments are a way to organize your course by date based on what activities you would like students to do for each class. Assignments can allow students to submit work or interact in a discussion board, but they can also simply describe what students need to read for that day and link to course materials.

Assignments automatically show up on the Syllabus tool, on the course calendar, and in the grade book.

View Assignments documentation.


Pages in Canvas are basic webpages that can be edited using the Rich Text Editor. You can add formatted text, make links to documents, images, websites, and other content in your course, and embed videos and other multimedia content.

View Pages documentation.


Modules can be useful in courses that involve organizing a lot of content in thematic units. You can use modules to organize course files, lectures, assignments, discussions, quizzes, and other course content all in one place.

You can choose the make modules the homepage for your site or make a link to modules on your homepage.

View Modules documentation.