Set Up A Homepage

The homepage of your course site provides students with both an overview of the course and guidance about what is most important in the course. Your choice of a homepage is closely related to how you choose to organize your site content (see Options for Organizing Content).

Selecting a Home Page Type

To choose a homepage layout, click “Choose Home Page” in the upper right corner of the homepage:


Then select from the list of options:

Home page options including Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page, Course Modules, Assignments List, Syllabus

How Each Homepage Option Looks

Pages Front Page

The default home page style for most courses is a basic webpage that can be edited using the Rich Text Editor. You can add formatted text, make links to documents, images, websites, and other content in your course, and embed videos and other multimedia content (see Options for Organizing Content and Pages documentation).

A sample home page with text reading "Welcome to Math 101!" and an image


The Syllabus option automatically creates a schedule with assignments and events to guide students through the course. This option works best for courses organized by assignments (see Options for Organizing Content).

At the top, you can enter course details and other relevant syllabus information into the text editor.  Below that is the automatically-created chronological list of events and activities in your course.

Syllabus page with list of Canvas assignments

Course Modules

Modules are recommended for courses that involve organizing a lot of content in thematic units. If you want to foreground the use of modules in your course, you can opt to use the module view as the homepage (see Options for Organizing Content and Modules Overview).

Sample module set as home page

Assignments List

The Assignments List is organized to show upcoming, undated, and recent assignments at the top.  This ordering cannot be changed, and no additional text or content can be added.

Assignments set as home page