Introducing Proctorio to Students

Students may not be familiar with Proctorio and might have some concerns about how to use the service.  Spending a few moments answering their questions and giving them an opportunity to experience the service prior to a high-stakes assignment might go a long way toward alleviating their concerns.

Give Students a Practice Run

Create a test quiz for students to get their computer settings ready for Proctorio in a low-stakes environment. It also allows students to become familiar with Proctorio and how it works, and allows them to raise any concerns or issues in advance of a high-stakes assessment that can be resolved or mitigated.

This is particularly important as students are required to download Chrome to use Proctorio and this needs to be done in advance of any assessment.

Privacy Guidance for Students

Many students have expressed concern over their personal information being shared with a third party outside of BC. We strongly recommend that you include the below language to inform students of the situation with regard to Proctorio and the security of their personal information.

“Proctorio is a remote proctoring software that integrates with Canvas via an extension in the Google Chrome browser. After verifying your identity via a webcam and photo ID, during the exam Proctorio monitors your movements, screen activity, and the testing environment around you based on settings implemented and controlled by your instructor. This is done by computers and not via an individual. BC Informational Technology Services have approved Proctorio for use at BC, and that the security of student data is in accordance with FERPA regulations, is not being misused, and is accessible only to your instructor via Canvas.

Students concerned about the privacy of their information in using Proctorio should contact their instructor immediately. Additionally, they can also delete the Proctorio Chrome Extension after the semester ends. For more information, please review Proctorio’s Support for Test Takers page and review Proctorio’s Privacy Policy.”

Please also feel free to share this Proctorio Guide for Students with you students to prepare them for using Proctorio in your class.