Proctorio Guide for Students

Proctorio is a remote exam Proctoring Service that may be used in some of your classes when you take quizzes and exams in Canvas. Proctorio is designed to play the role of exam proctor when you’re engaged in remote or online courses and your instructor can’t be in the room to observe your completion of higher stakes exams and tests. Each instructor has the ability to configure Proctorio according to their own testing needs. Proctorio may record your webcam, your screen, your audio, and other actions during the exam session and share that information with your instructor.

How Does Proctorio Work?

When taking an online exam in Canvas that requires Proctorio, you will need to log in to Canvas using the Google Chrome web browser and install the Proctorio extension. Proctorio is only active when you log in to the exam using Google Chrome; it will be deactivated when you log out. During the exam, Proctorio captures your movements and sends your video and other data to your instructor for review. This helps the instructor to know that you are taking your own exam, that you’re not seeking unauthorized assistance from anyone else while the exam is underway, and that you’re following the exam requirements. Proctorio will flag any activity that might not be allowed (i.e.: opening another browser, calling someone else for an answer, or looking up answers on another device). Your instructor will then be able to review the video and data to decide if any action is necessary.

How Do I Set Up Proctorio?


  • To take an exam with Proctorio, you will need to use a typical laptop or desktop computer. Proctorio is not compatible with mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc).
  • You will need to have a working webcam and microphone installed on your computer. This can be an external webcam with microphone, but it must be connected before logging into Canvas.
  • You will need to log on to Canvas using Google Chrome as your web browser. If you do not have it installed, you will need to download Chrome in advance.


  1. Install the Proctorio extension for Google Chrome. The exam that requires Proctorio will usually prompt you to install the extension if you have not done so already.
    Proctorio app in Chrome webtore
  2. Have your photo ID card (BC Eagle ID Card or Valid Driver’s License) available. Depending on the settings your instructor has used for the exam you may be asked to hold up your ID to document that you are the test-taker.
  3. Be prepared for a room scan. Depending on the settings on your exam, Proctorio may ask you to rotate your webcam 360 degrees to record your surroundings.
  4. Once you have started the exam, Proctorio will take you through any additional steps.

Does Proctorio Protect My Privacy?

Proctorio is a remote proctoring software that integrates with Canvas via an extension in the Google Chrome browser. After verifying your identity via a webcam and photo ID, Proctorio will monitor your movements, screen activity, and the testing environment around you based on settings implemented and controlled by your instructor. This monitoring is done by computers and your data is not reviewed by anyone other than your instructor.  BC Informational Technology Services have approved Proctorio for use at BC, and have verified that the security of student data is in accordance with FERPA regulations, is not being misused, and is accessible only to your instructor via Canvas.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your information in using Proctorio you should contact your instructor immediately. You can also delete the Proctorio Chrome Extension after the semester ends. For more information, please review Proctorio’s Support for Test-Takers and Privacy Policy.

How Do I Troubleshoot Proctorio?

Many issues that occasionally come up can be prevented by restarting your computer shortly before taking your exam.  Others are related to connectivity issues.

As you are getting started, if you are prompted for an access code:

  • Make sure you are on Chrome and have the Proctorio extension
  • Logout of Canvas, click on the puzzle-piece “Extensions” icon in Chrome [1] and click the Proctorio extension shield [2].  In the menu which opens, roll over “This can read and change site data” and make sure “On all Sites” is selected, then try to re-enter the exam.
    Chrome "Extensions" menu containing Proctorio shieldProctorio extension menu

    Proctorio extension data permissions menu
  • Logout of Canvas and clear the cache on your browser, then try to re-enter.

Live Chat is available 24/7 through Proctorio Support for Test-takers.  Visit and scroll down to Start Live Chat.  Please keep in mind that some issues can be difficult to resolve in a tight timeframe; make sure you’ve taken a practice test before using Proctorio on an exam (ask your instructor about this if one hasn’t been provided).