Steps for Setting Up a Proctored Exam

Administering a high stakes, proctored exam involves using the Canvas Quiz Tool, with Proctorio integrated.  The steps below will walk you through the process, for which it is best to allow at least a week.  

  • For more information on the individual features described here, see the CTE Resource on High Stakes Testing in Canvas and also the Remote Assessment FAQs which address questions such as technology requirements, accommodations, and having a back-up plan.

1. Create the Quiz with the Exam

  • If you are familiar with the Quiz tool, create questions and apply settings as you normally would.
  • If you are new to the Quiz tool, see the information on creating a Quiz, which ends with links to available question types.  Try a question of every type, save the Quiz, and try it out using the Preview tab which will appear at the top to make sure everything works as you expected.  The CTE Resource on Assessing Learning includes some examples under the “Canvas Quizzing” header.  
  • Consider other features to support academic integrity, such as using question groups, shuffling answers to multiple choice questions, and timing the Quiz.  You may find these provide enough assurance to forego using Proctorio.

2. Activate Proctorio 

See the CTE Resource on High-Stakes Testing in Canvas. This includes a 30-minute video which walks through the process of readying Proctorio for use with Canvas Quizzes. 

  1. Install Proctorio on your computer (please note that this requires the Chrome browser, where you will install an extension).
  2. Activate Proctorio for the Quiz where you will use it, and apply desired settings. 

3. Communicate with Students

  1. Create a Quiz your students can take for practice, which includes every type of question in the exam but won’t count towards their grade, and apply Proctorio to this Quiz as well. 
  2. Then share the information for students on installing Proctorio and require them to take the Quiz for practice.  In particular, point out the Chrome extension shield icon described at the bottom of the Guide, where they can access help from Proctorio if they need it.