iClicker in the Classroom

If your room is near another room where a class may also be using iClicker, you and your students will need to change the frequency of your iClicker remotes at the beginning of each class to prevent potential data conflicts. The CTE staff member working with you will tell you which frequency to use with your iClickers in your classroom.

Once you know which frequency to use, here is how to set your iClicker system to the correct frequency (you’ll probably want to do this before class):

  1. Open the iClicker application and select a course.
  2. The menu pictured below will appear. Click on “My Settings” in the lower left hand corner:

The base should be placed in an unobstructed location, preferably on the podium or on a table-top. It can be plugged into any USB port on the computer you are using.  If you are running the iClicker software from a flash drive, connect the flash drive to a USB port on your computer.

For best performance, it is recommended that you drag-and-drop the iClicker Win or iClicker Mac folder on the flash drive to your computer’s desktop rather than run iClicker from the flash drive.

In order to begin a polling session, open iClicker. Make sure that the appropriate course is selected (1), then choose ‘Start New Session’ (2).

Upon clicking ‘Start New Session’, you will notice a small box appear on your screen, usually in the top left corner. You can move this box around to accommodate other content on your screen. To begin the session, click the green play button.

You will know you have entered a session successfully by noticing the following things: a question timer (1), a number that tallies the number of participant responses (2), and the option to end the session by clicking the red stop button (3). When desired, end the session by clicking on the red stop button.

Once you have completed a session, you have the option of viewing the results of your polling. To do this, click on the results bar graph.

You will be taken to a results chart, showing you the results from your polling.

To label one of the answers as correct, simply click on the appropriate bar on the chart. You will know this is done through a change in bar colors. Green signifies the correct response.

If you’ve asked multiple questions, you can view responses individually by clicking on the progress arrow (1), or you can view responses to different questions simultaneously by clicking the ‘compare’ button (2).  In order to see the results for multiple questions you must select different questions from the question dropdown menu (3).

Here is an example of a side-by-side comparison.

If you are working on a newer Mac, iClicker may not display properly in class without some adjustments in System Preferences.  Please see How to Run iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic on macOS Catalina or Newer, scroll down and follow the steps under Adjust screen recording settings