Register iClickers in the Gradebook

  1. Have the student give you the number on the back of his or her clicker.
  2. Open iClicker, select the course and click Open Gradebook.  You will not need to have an iClicker base plugged in to do this.
  3. In the Gradebook, look for the name of the unregistered student (it will be in red).  Click the name to open the Student Details window.  
    iClicker gradebook
  4. Click the Add button
    Add button in the gradebook

  5. Type in the clicker number and click OK, then click Save to close the Student Details window.
    Clicker ID window
  6. The student’s name should now appear in blue and any points she has earned so far will be visible in the student’s row of the session columns.
    iClicker gradebook with new student added