Lecture Capture

Panopto Video Assignments

It is possible to have an assignment in Canvas where students submit videos that they have created themselves. Students can create a short video where they offer commentary on course material or demonstrate their understanding of a concept. You may also want students to record videos in which they express dynamic skills learned in class such as interviewing a research participant. You can ask students to view each others’ work or you can ask students to send videos privately to just the instructor. The instructor has the option to provide detailed feedback on video assignments in SpeedGrader.

  • You can collect video submissions from your students using Panopto, which is integrated with Canvas.
  • In order to allow students in your course to submit video recordings for an assignment, you must first create an assignment folder in Panopto.
  • Once an assignment folder has been created, students can upload a pre-recorded video to that folder, or record a video into that folder using Panopto software.
  • Optionally, you may ask students to submit their videos within a Canvas assignment so that you can view and grade the videos in SpeedGrader.

For more information on how to create a Panopto video assignment, see the Instructor Guide for Panopto Video Assignments. You can provide your students instruction on submitting their assignment by sharing the Student Guide for Panopto Video Assignments with them.