Sample Email to Students


Subject: Weather Cancellation – Class Online

Dear Students,

In lieu of a class session, we will be holding our class online this week at the regularly scheduled time.  I will be conducting a brief lecture discussion through Canvas using the Conferences features in our class course site.

To access the brief lecture discussion, please review the following instructional guides from Canvas:

I have named the conference (your conference name here). 

When you enter, be sure to choose Listen Only as you will not be participating with your microphone.

Once you have joined the session, please mute your microphone and turn off your video chat if you have not chosen so already.  You should be able to hear me through your speakers or headphones.  If you would like to contact me or the group, please use the chat feature within the conference.

If you are unable to access or attend the conference, you can review the recorded web conference online up to 14 days after the conference has been concluded.


(Your name here)