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Customizing Settings in Perusall

Perusall allows you to customize a number of course-level settings in order to change how you and your students interact with assigned readings. For example, you can adjust how assignments are scored, turn on email assignment reminders, or write a “welcome message” for students that outlines Perusall expectations for your course.

All of these can be customized in the “Settings” section of your course Perusall site, accessed from a link on the left menu bar. This section is split into five pages: “General,” “Access,” “Grouping,” “Scoring,” and “Advanced.” See below for a list of options.

If you’d like to… Change this setting:
Hide an assignment until a specific date “Availability period of assignments” (General)
Give yourself the option of proofreading or editing grades before students can see them “Release scores to students” (General)
Communicate with your students about expectations for using Perusall “Welcome message for students” (General)
Add another instructor or TA to the Perusall course “Instructors with course access” (Access)
Change size of student groups for Perusall assignments (default: 20) “Target group size” (Grouping)
Set a standard quantity of required annotations for all assignments (default: 7) “Annotations to grade” (Scoring)
Adjust how much credit students receive for annotations based on quality level “Relative point values for each quality level” (Scoring)
Set a window for late submissions without a penalty “Post-deadline reply window” (Scoring)
Set a window for late submissions with a penalty “Late annotation period” (Scoring)
Determine range of possible points for student annotations “Assignment score range” (Advanced)
Add decimal points to final scores “Assignment score precision” (Advanced)
Delay Canvas grade sync to allow yourself time to adjust student grades “Do not sync grades to the LMS automatically” (Advanced)
Let students download readings uploaded to Perusall “Allow students to download all uploaded documents” (Advanced)
Enable emails reminding your students to complete the assignment “Enable assignment reminders” (Advanced)