Personal Response Systems

Creating Activities in Poll Everywhere

Once you have logged into Poll Everywhere, you can begin creating activities. This page provides information about the kinds of activities you can create and how to create them.

Types of Activities

Each activity in Poll Everywhere is a question that you can present to your students in order to collect their responses. There are 5 main activity types:

  • Multiple choice: allows students to select one or more options, and you can mark one or more options as the correct answer.
  • Word cloud: creates a visual where words submitted by respondents are placed in a cloud with more frequently mentioned words larger in size.
  • Q&A: allows students to submit an answer in response to a prompt and then upvote or downvote others’ responses.
  • Clickable image: students respond to a question by clicking on a part of an image, and you can mark one or more regions as correct.
  • Open-ended: students can submit a text response to a question.

For additional information about each of the above question types, including ideas for activities and links to Poll Everywhere’s documentation, see our Poll Everywhere activity type chart.

You have two additional options within Poll Everywhere:

  • Surveys allow you to combine multiple activities into one activity so students can respond to multiple questions at the same time. See Poll Everywhere’s page on Surveys for more information.
  • Competitions allow you to group a series of multiple choice questions. Find out more about competitions on Poll Everywhere’s “Competitions” page and their blog post introducing this feature.

Accessibility in Poll Everywhere

If you are ever using uploaded images in Poll Everywhere, you will want to enable alt text in your settings so that you can create images that are accessible to students using screen readers. Limits to keyboard navigation for the “clickable image” activity type limit the accessibility of that option. As an alternative, Poll Everywhere recommends creating multiple choice polls with textual descriptions.

Creating an Activity

The most straightforward way of creating activities is through the Poll Everywhere website. See Poll Everywhere’s Create an activity guide for step-by-step instructions. Further details about the options you can set for each activity are described in Poll Everywhere’s Activity pages guide.