Teaching Strategies

COVID-19 Public Health Practices

As COVID-19 continues to influence the ways we gather, this page provides some options for how you might communicate with students about public health practices in your classroom.

Sample #1

It is my goal that everyone in this class feels safe and able to focus on their learning, and I understand that all of us are having unique experiences as we emerge from some of the most stringent public health protocols of the past two years. Given that some people in this classroom are likely immunocompromised and/or in contact with someone who is, I will be wearing a mask while teaching. If you forgot your mask but would like to wear one, I will always have disposable masks available at the front of the room. Please feel free to grab one at any point, no questions asked. 

Sample #2

I know I’m still adjusting to being in close physical proximity to people and being around people who are not masking. Given how common reentry anxiety is, I imagine other people in this class might be feeling that way too. In order to help make this classroom feel as safe as possible to everyone, I’ll be wearing a mask during class periods and during in-person, indoor office hours. I respect that some members of this community may prefer to not wear a mask. As much as possible, I’d ask that you consider the comfort of your peers. If you’re going to be working in a small group with someone who is wearing a mask, you might consider wearing a mask yourself. I’ll have disposable masks available for your use if you don’t have one with you. 

I’ll also be taking some steps to try to make this learning environment as comfortable as possible. For instance, you can meet with me outside or on Zoom for office hours, and I’ll provide the option of going outside to work with peers during class time whenever possible. If there are any public health protocols that I or your peers could do to make it easier for you to be fully present and participating in this course, please let me know so that we can strategize together to find a solution. 

Sample #3

Per University policy, fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff will not be required to wear masks on campus, but should feel free to do so, including in class. Students with University COVID-19 vaccination exemptions will be required to wear masks when inside BC buildings, including classrooms. Please respect the privacy and preferences of your classmates and/or instructors who are wearing masks: do not assume it’s because they’re unvaccinated, and do not inquire about why they’re wearing a mask on that day, or maybe only on some days/occasions. For more information about BC’s COVID policies, please consult https://www.bc.edu/content/bc-web/sites/bc-forward.html (Nicolas Petit, Mathematics) 

Sample #4

Given shifting public health guidance, many of us are trying to figure out what it looks like to act safely and responsibly for ourselves and our communities. During the first week of the semester, I’ll provide time in class for you to complete a brief, anonymous questionnaire about your preferences regarding public health protocols. I’ll share summary data of that survey with all of you and hope that all of us can use that data to make decisions about our own behavior in this class. You can always update me on your preferences if anything changes for you over the course of the semester, no questions asked. You’ll also have periodic opportunities to share information with me anonymously, if you would prefer that level of privacy. Thank you for working with me to create a safe and comfortable environment for all of us.