Lecture Capture

Add Panopto Recordings to Canvas Modules

If you do not want to embed your Panopto videos into another Page in Canvas, but do want students to engage with the recorded material at a particular point in the learning process, you can add the recording to a Module.

Navigate to the Modules section of your course. Chose the Module in which you want to add the Panopto video. Click the boxed “+” button in that module.

Add Button in Module

In the “Add Item to Assignments” display box open the “Add [External Tool] to Assignments” drop down.

Add items to Assignments

Select “External Tool” and then scroll down to select “Panopto Video Module Embed.”

Select Panopto Video Module Embed

The “Link Resource from External Tool” display box will open next. Navigate to the drop down at the top of the box and select your course. The videos that are linked to the course in Panopto will populate in the box.

Course list Drop Down

Select the video you would like to add to your page and click “Insert.”

Link Resource from External Tool

The URL for that video will appear in the [1] URL text box in the “Add item to Assignment” display box. To complete, click [2] “Add Item.”

Panopto Video URL

Remember to publish the video within the module so students are able to view it.

Published Panopto Video