Teaching Strategies

Teaching Observations

Teaching observations typically involve a colleague observing an instructor teaching for one or more class periods. They can be done for a variety of reasons, and be primarily for the benefit of the observed, the observer, or both. They might also be part of a larger formal process (such as a departmental review) or conducted in a more informal manner. 

This resource could benefit anyone involved in a teaching observation process, though it is especially applicable to those involved in more informal, collaborative teaching observations. It contains

  • an introduction to the various approaches to teaching observations, including some benefits and possible concerns associated with the process;
  • some suggested practices as you plan for and debrief an observation;
  • information about conducting a teaching observation (sample questions, forms, and note-taking practices) for those who are considering how they might plan for and carry out a teaching observation;
  • a works cited for anyone who would like to explore more of the research on teaching observations.