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Teaching Portfolios

These resources have been created for graduate students developing a teaching portfolio as part of the Apprenticeship in College Teaching Program requirements.

What is a teaching portfolio?

It is a story you’re telling about yourself as a teacher. Your teaching portfolio is more than just a collection teaching materials. It is a carefully chosen selection of materials that presents a clear narrative of your approach to teaching and a coherent demonstration of your teaching experience and who you are as an instructor.

It provides specific evidence of materials to support and elaborate on your teaching philosophy statement

It is representative, not exhaustive. As with many documents, less is more in the teaching portfolio.

Creating a teaching portfolio is a reflective process that involves thinking about your approach to teaching and then deciding on a handful of materials that accurately represent that approach to others.

Creating a teaching portfolio is also iterative and dynamic. As you have a chance to teach more, and to reflect on your teaching, the components of your teaching portfolio will likely change.

When shared, teaching portfolios are public, and can become part of your broader professional identity and online presence.

More concretely, those of you seeking an academic job may not be required to submit an entire teaching portfolio, but will likely be asked to include evidence of teaching effectiveness. In addition, a teaching portfolio is one of the requirements of the ACT Program.


Teaching Portfolios

-Main Components

-Sample Materials

-Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness