Teaching Strategies

Teaching Through Disruption

Given the unique demands posed by the current moment, we have created a new Emergency Remote Instruction resource where you can find guidance that’s more relevant to the shift to long-term remote teaching.

Whether an unforeseen event takes you across the country, a blizzard halts travel, or BC closes because of Coronavirus, the Center for Teaching Excellence can help you figure out how to work through disruption and still connect with your students. 

Keep reading to find information about how to:

Brief steps taken ahead of time can make a significant difference during an emergency. You can find information that can help you prepare a “just in case” strategy here: Plan to be ready.

Sometimes we need to act without preparation. Find information that can help you with technologies others have found helpful in emergencies here: Get started quickly.

The unexpected can be an opportunity. Read about ideas other instructors have used to considerable effect here: Explore Options for your Teaching.


The questions below will help you identify your own planning needs as you refer to our documentation. Keeping answers to these questions in mind can help in selecting effective alternatives.

  • What are students’ responsibilities if class is canceled? How will you establish those expectations at the start of the semester?
  • How will you communicate with your students if you’re not able to attend class?
  • Will you need to share content with your students? If so, what will you need to provide?
    • How will you distribute readings or other documents?
    • How will you make a lecture available?
  • Will you need to interact with your students in real time? If so, how will this happen?
  • How will students submit any assignments that are due?
  • What activities happen in typical class sessions, and what do students need to accomplish (learning new material, exploring or practicing concepts, assessing comprehension, etc.)?

For the practical suggestions included here, we are largely indebted to the creative and thoughtful ways BC faculty have approached weatherproofing their courses. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at centerforteaching@bc.edu.