Virtual Communications

Accessing Your BC Zoom Account

This section includes instructions for those who are new to using Zoom at Boston College, and explains how to obtain a Boston College Zoom licensed (Pro) account, install the Zoom application on your computer, and sign-in to Zoom.

If you are new to Zoom, you might want to review the system requirements before getting started.

Obtaining a BC Zoom (Pro) Account

1. Go to the BC Zoom portal on a web browser.

2. Click “Sign in Configure your account.” 

3. Enter your BC credentials into the BC log-in box.

4. Your account will be created and you will be taken to your Zoom account management website.

Installing the Zoom Application

To host Zoom meetings, you must install the Zoom application onto your computer.

1. Click on the “Download Client” button at to download the Zoom application for your computer.

2.Download the “Zoom Client for Meetings.”

3. Follow the steps to install the application to your computer.

Note: If you need help installing the application, please contact your TC.

Signing-In to Zoom 

You must be signed in to your Zoom application installed on your computer with your BC Zoom Licensed (Pro) account in order to host Zoom meetings.

1. Open your Zoom application and sign in to your BC Licensed account. First click “Sign In” and then select “Sign in with SSO.”

2.  The company domain for BC is “bccte” – entering this will bring you to the BC log-in page where you can use your BC credentials to log in.

3. Once you have logged in, launch the Zoom application again.

You can click on your initials at the top right corner to check you are in the right account. Your BC email ( should appear and it should also say “LICENSED.”

Note: If you need help signing-in to the application, please contact your TC.